I have allergies or special dietary requirements. What should I do?

We don't currently have specific boxes for dietary requirements and allergies at the moment, but don't worry it's on our radar! In the meantime, we always list ingredients and nutritional information 4 weeks in advance so you can make meal selections that work best for your dietary needs. Both our Pronto and Family boxes have multiple meal swap options.

We do have a lot of customers with strict dietary requirements who still use us and substitute certain ingredients from their own cupboard to cater for their particular needs. It's pretty easy to do as we send you all of the ingredients portioned out so that you can easily remove something from the recipe and put in what you need.

Please keep in mind, depending on the severity and nature of your allergy we may not be able to recommend HelloFresh. At the moment we, unfortunately, cannot guarantee our ingredients are free from cross-contamination.