Which box should I order?

That depends on what type of meals you like to eat and how many hungry mouths you have to feed! We have 3 plan preferences available and a few different size options.

Quick & Easy: 3 or 4 Meals for 2 or 4 people the perfect all-rounder. This recipe preference includes quick, easy recipes suited for a variety of tastes. Think global flavours mixed with delicious crowd pleasers

Family Plan: 3 or 4 Meals for 4 people this preference is perfect for those who want delicious kid-approved recipes the entire family will love. Kids will gobble down these delicious delicacies and we all know that happy kids means happy parents!

Veggie Plan: 3 Meals for 2 or 4 people for the non-meat eaters among us or for those who just like to opt for some veggie meals in their weekly routine. You'll find a range of recipes featuring plant-based proteins and packed with delicious veggies.