My promo code isn't working. What do I do?

Oh dear, we are sorry that your discount code isn't working. If your promo code isn't working, here are a few simple things you can check first:

  1. Make sure that your code is not expired.
  2. Make sure that you're entering the code correctly with no extra spaces.
  3. Check that the code is valid for the product you selected. (Some codes may exclude certain box types or sizes.)
  4. Double check the Terms and Conditions of the promo code. (Some codes are only valid for first-time customers or are limited to one per household.)
  5. Make sure you're redeeming it in the right place. Promo codes for new customers should be redeemed here.  Current customers can redeem their codes in their 'Account Settings.'
  6. Make sure you're not trying to redeem a Gift Card. If you have a Gift Card you can redeem it here